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Red Legs and Black Sox

Edd Roush and the untold story of the 1919 World Series

by Susan Dellinger, Ph.D.

 "This is a book that should have been published a long time ago. The author gives a fresh look at the 1919 World Series through the eyes of the city of Cincinnati and the star of the Reds."

- Bob Feller, Hall of Fame Pitcher for the Cleveland Indians

The infamous 1919 World Series between the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago White Sox forever exiled eight members of the White Sox into the shadows of baseball notoriety. RED LEGS AND BLACK SOX : EDD ROUSH AND THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE 1919 WORLD SERIES (Emmis Book, $16.95) is the first book to examine the crooked series from the perspective of the Cincinnati Reds. The book reveals for the first time another side to the story, far more complicated than movies and previous books have alluded to, involving fixes on both teams - and corruption right down to the leagues themselves.

The star of the 1919 Reds was center fielder Edd Roush, perennial All-Star and later elected to the Hall of Fame. Author Susan Dellinger, Edd Roush's granddaughter, presents a unique insider's perspective on baseball's darkest chapter through research, historical documents, and most importantly, Roush's own words on the subject. Dellinger conducted interviews over the course of thirty years with Roush and several members of the 1919 Reds team and their families, including Greasy Neale, Bill Rariden, Heinie Groh, Slim Sallee, and Rube Bressler.

Although the Chicago White Sox suffered the brunt of public condemnation after the 1919 World Series, the Reds were negatively impacted as well: for eighty-five years, the Reds' World Series victory has been tainted by the idea that, had the series not been fixed, the White Sox would have been that year's champions. RED LEGS AND BLACK SOX presents a convincing argument that the Reds would have won the Series even if the White Sox had been playing at the top of their game.

A fascinating look at the life and career of the Reds' Hall of Famer and a new perspective on baseball's darkest days, RED LEGS AND BLACK SOX is a must-read for any baseball fan interested in finding out more about the 1919 World Series.





A Biography of the Cincinnati Reds Star

by Mitchell Conrad Stinson

Our friend, Mitchell Stinson has written a wonderful book about Edd. The book has been published by McFarland Publishing and is now available at and your local bookstores.

Several of the photos in the book are from our family collection. Mitchell has done a terrific job of including stories and information about Edd that complements Red Legs & Black Sox. If you want to know more about Edd's exciting life and career get this book!!

To purchase a personally inscribed copy of

Edd Roush - a Biography of the Cincinnati Reds Star

contact Mitchell's direct Email by clicking here:



-Special Bonus-

Click here to read the unpublished chapter "Call to the Hall." Read the excitement of the Call from Cooperstown in 1962 that informed Edd Roush that he would be enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Click here to see a 60 minute video presentation about Edd Roush & Red Legs and Black Sox by Susan Dellinger given at the Cincinnati Library.


Read Richard Barbieri's article about Edd's history and records commerating Edd's birthday on May 8, 1893



Read Dorothy Jane Mills review of "Redlegs and Black Sox" at the New York Journal of Books...



July 10, 2008 Susan cut the ribbon to the Edd J. Roush Exhibit at the Oakland City, Indiana Public Library. The exhibit will be a permanent display of memorabilia from the Roush Family Collection. It includes photos of Essie & Edd, replicas of his bat & glove, many of Edd's baseball contracts, and lots of photos about their life in Oakland City!!

July 2006 Susan Goes to Cooperstown - Click Here to see photos

August 25th Edd Roush Day at Evansville-Click Here for Dave Johnson's story.

Susan with the "Belles" and "Evan the Otter" at Edd Roush Day at Bosse Field

Accolades from Iraq

" I want to thank you for your book. You have a very comfortable, homey way of writing. It was almost like sitting out on a porch swing and having you tell me the story face-to-face. It was a pleasure learning about your grandfather this way.

Being where I am, I am laying claim to be the first person in Iraq to have read the book."

Thanks again.

John Jackson

A Note from a cowboy in Oregon.

"Oh, how I wish I could talk with the really old-time players from the dead ball era! They could bunt, steal, slide several ways, place-hit - do all the "little things" that seem to escape our current muscle boys.

I feel like I'm sitting down to a brilliantly prepared, sumptuous meal as I read (re: begin) your book!

Thank you for going to all the lengths you did to make this definitive, important book come to fruition!"

Larry Wilder, a cowboy in Oregon

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April 20, 2006

The Good News ....... TOP SELLER!

Redlegs and Black Sox hit the Wall Street Journal this week and Emmis Books announced today it has been #1 on it's Book Scan since it's debut in February.

Susan visits Oakland City, Indiana

Edd's Birthplace and Home Town (seen here with Bill Marshall)

Special Appearance Schedule for Dr. Dellinger:

Spring, 2006: Radio Interview: Ron Barr Show -(Sports Byline - syndicated)

- Book Presentation to NFL Alumni Assoc. (Florida)

- WXAV radio interview (Chicago)

- WKRC radio interview (Cincinnati) - "Opening Day with the Reds"

- ESPN 950 radio interview (Indianapolis) - "Playing for Keeps"

- TV appearance - Channel 20 "Speak Up Tampa Bay"

- Presentation to Wade Boggs Chapter of SABR - at Tropicana Field (St. Petersburg, FL)

- TV appearance: BaySports with Dick Crippen

May: Opening of "Roush/1919" Exhibit at Reds HOF and Museum - presentation & signing

- Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame - "Roush Day"

- Evansville Otters Honors Roush with book signing before ball game

- Indianapolis SABR Chapter Presentation and Indians game

- WDBO "Magic Radio" interview (Orlando)

June: Inaugural issue of 108 Baseball Magazine. Dellinger article "Getting Along Famously" (story of lifetime friendship of Edd Roush and Bill McKechnie)

- Book Signing & Presentation at Elliott Bay Bookstore and Barnes and Noble (Seattle)

- SABR Convention (Seattle) - Society of Baseball Research Presentation: "Red Legs and Black Sox" - A Granddaughter's Journey"

July: Presentation at Baseball Hall of Fame's (Author's Series} - Cooperstown, NY

- Book Signing at Augers Book Store - Cooperstown, NY

- Cooperstown, NY SABR Group Presentation

Fall, 2006: ESPN 1460 Radio Milt Thompson Show interview - Indianapolis -

- Evansville Otters special event "Edd Roush Day" - (1,000 bronze figurines to be given to fans)

- Louisville Slugger Museum Book Signing

Winter, 2006: Cooperstown NY Baseball Hall of Fame. Speaker at Ithaca College Symposium on Baseball Labor Relations

- Presentation & Book Signing - Borders Books,Winter Park FL

- Speaker: 2006 Miami Book Fair International

Spring, 2007: Guest Speaker: Holland America Cruise to Hawaii

Summer, 2007: Guest of Indianapolis Indians and Indiana Governor for "Hoosiers in the Hall Day"

- Presentation and Book Signing for Florida SABR Chapter (Miami)

- Honored Guest for Opening of Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame (Jasper)

Fall, 2007: Submission of screenplay treatment to interested movie producers in New York & Hollywood.

Current Objective: Acquire expertise and backing for making of feature film based on book, "Red Legs and Black Sox"




Susan Dellinger, Ph.D. is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). Her article, "A Shadow in the Night: Edd Roush and the 1919 World Series," appeared in SABR's 2004 convention program. A popular public speaker, she is also the author of Communicating Beyond Our Differences: Introducing the Psycho-Geometrics® System (Prentice-Hall/Jade Ink) and Communicating Effectively: A Complete Guide to Better Managing (Chilton Press). Dr. Dellinger lives with her husband, Dr. Bob, and her son, Jade and his wife Cathy, in Tampa, Florida


SOLD OUT ---- RED LEGS and BLACK SOX has been sold out!!! You can buy a used copy on Ebay..