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Summer Reading

Last week we offered a link to this summer reading list of baseball classics, put together by Original Fixer Steve McKee back in 2002, and suggested two more-recent additions: Michael Lewis's "Moneyball" and our print colleague Sam Walker's "Fantasyland."

To that list, let us add some reader suggestions. Jason Russell suggests "Ted Williams: The Biography of an American Hero," by Leigh Montville; Jonathan Eig's "Luckiest Man : The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig," and "Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy," by Jane Leavy. Will Ames offers "The Catcher Was a Spy," by Nicholas Dawidoff and "The Meaning of Ichiro," by Robert Whiting. Tom Kutz votes for "September Swoon: Richie Allen, the '64 Phillies and Racial Integration," by William C. Kashatus. Tom Mariam suggests checking out two by Jim Reisler -- "A Great Day in Cooperstown: The Improbable Birth of Baseball's Hall of Fame" and "Before They Were the Bombers," a history of the New York Highlanders. Patrick Hajovsky suggests Alex Belth's "Stepping Up: The Story of Curt Flood and His Fight for Baseball Players' Rights" and Susan Dellinger's "Red Legs and Black Sox." And Carl puts in a vote for Jeff Pearlman's "The Bad Guys Won!", a rollicking account of the '86 Mets.

If that's too much, Jeff Sillik suggests "Baseball: A Literary Anthology," edited by the aforementioned Mr. Dawidoff, noting that it includes excerpts from many of the books already on our list. Happy reading!

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